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About Us

We turn surplus food into healthy meals for those who need them. Since April 2020, we've provided over 2 million meals free of charge.

In its most simple terms, we turn surplus food into nourishing meals for people that need them, free of charge and without judgement.  By making our service available to all, without the need to prove need, we reach some of the most marginalised people across Edinburgh.


We believe nourishing food is a basic human right and there should be no barriers to accessing it.  Our core service is the delivery of a 'Day Pack', which comprises a day’s worth of nourishing meals.  Community volunteers then package these meals ready for delivery across Edinburgh.

About Us: About

Our Goals

Empty Kitchens Full Hearts is first and foremost a movement driven by the following values:

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Support without judgement

Empty Kitchens Full Hearts seeks to relieve poverty by providing nourishing meals free of charge, and supporting service users to access appropriate support and community networks. 

We will provide assistance to people who request support on a ‘no judgement’ basis and without the requirement to prove their need. Through regular engagement with service users, we will seek to provide meaningful support to address issues underlying the request for food support and better inform our service.

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Waste not

We use surplus food to create nourishing meals for people who need our support. We will optimise all resources and seek to reduce waste, recycle assets and materials and reduce our negative environmental impacts.

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Create Community

We understand food is central to building community. We commit to creating a diverse, equitable, and accessible volunteer family to support service users.

​Empty Kitchens Full Hearts will strive to ensure that everyone feels welcome, valued, safe and supported. Our culture will be one of learning, growing and contribution.

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Champion social justice

Our ultimate goal is for organisations like ours to no longer be needed because safe access to food and social injustices have been addressed. We will advocate for change through education, working alongside partners and utilising our platform to lobby local and national government.

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